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Mailto Encoder

Use this tool to avoid having address harvesting bots find your email address on web sites where you have access to the HTML code.

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Use the form below to generate a block of JavaScript code that can be copied and pasted into an HTML document in place of an address or mailto: link.

  • Email Address: If this is the only field entered the resulting JavaScript code will produce a plain text email address (in other words no link).
  • Link Text: Enter the text you want to the mailto: link to display. You can also use an HTML image tag if you want the link to be an image.
  • Subject: The text entered in this field will be used to automatically fill in the subject on the users' email client when the link is clicked.
  • CSS Style for Link: This field should contain only the value of the style tag for the link. For example to make the text bold and red you would enter 'font-weight:bold;color:#f00;'. If you are not familiar with CSS or 'Link Text' is an HTML image tag do not use this field.

Javascript code will be generated below when the form is submitted. Cut and paste the code exactly as it appears and use it to replace email addresses or mailto: links in your web page.