Business Spam Filtering (MX-Defender)

Reduce Costs

While most prospects first ask "what is this going to cost?" a more analytical consideration must also include how much the MX-Defender will save you in contrast to competing filtering systems as well.

When making price comparisons, it's easy to forget that as a hosted solution, the MX-Defender involves absolutely no capital investment. This also means there are no future expenses to upgrade, depreciate and eventually retire and replace your chosen filtering solution either.

More importantly, with competing hardware/software filtering solutions, the long-term labor costs (whether you employ external consultants or internal IT staff) are always greater than the price you initially pay out to the vendor.

Combined, the total cost of ownership for the vast majority of competitors is significantly greater than the MX-Defender - especially when you realize that our "Set it & Forget it" promise turns out to be entirely legitimate.

Get more out of your existing systems.

As an email firewall, the MX-Defender prevents spam, viruses and fraudulent emails from ever even reaching your network. This will drastically reduce email traffic to your servers and results in tangible saving on bandwidth, power, CPU and network storage as well as slashing your data backup and email retention costs.

Because the typical client will see email traffic volume reduced by well over 80%, these cumulative savings can be significant. This is especially true when you consider this massive load reduction extends the life of existing hardware and often allows clients to delay email server upgrades, replacement and/or expansion for years.

The bottom line.

All told, the MX-Defender's total cost of ownership simply cannot be beat; and is often a genuine net positive for our clients.

Lastly, notice that the easily quantifiable savings discussed do not even take into consideration the productivity to be gained by providing your end-users with the most accurate spam filtering system available at any price. reduced my spam by 95% the very first day!! I've been using it now for three weeks and I'm sold on its virtues and simplicity.