Business Spam Filtering (MX-Defender)

Nothing to Install

As a hosted solution, the MX-Defender does not require installation of hardware or software. This means there are absolutely no risks to your network associated with on-site modifications; zero compatibility issues; no future upgrades or patches to monitor or implement, and no change whatsoever regarding how any of your users send or receive email. The MX-Defender is a truly hassle-free solution.

Three simple steps.

Likely the easiest IT project you'll ever complete, initiating the MX-Defender is achieved in just three simple steps:

  1. Tell us the domain(s) you would like us to filter.
  2. Provide us with a list of the valid email addresses for your domain (or use our automated LDAP synch tool instead).
  3. Change your DNS MX records to point to our servers.

That's it!

While there are filtering Preferences you can choose and optional features you may find useful, most clients are perfectly satisfied to let our system run with the preset defaults.

We were using a solution that was in house on a server that needed to be maintained. The support from the software company where we purchased the product was not very good and the filter itself had some legitimate flaws.

We decided to give OnlyMyEmail a try and let me tell you, we could not be happier. Many of the end users have raved about the time they are saving. Your response time to inquiries is impeccable and your continual updates are wonderful.

I just wanted to let you know that you have a great service and I am telling everyone about it. Feel free to use us as a reference. Thank you.

- Jim Lovett
Director, NE Operations/Information Technology
Windham Group