Business Spam Filtering (MX-Defender)

Award-Winning Accuracy

We are the only spam filtering solution to win both the PC World "World Class" and PC Magazine "Editors' Choice" Awards, and we've also dominated every Virus Bulletin VBSpam Competition since 2009. The MX-Defender has not just outperformed 38 other filtering solutions in the VBSpam competitions we've beaten every other hardware, software or hosted anti-spam system they've ever tested.

Proprietary technology.

We don't produce the best spam, virus and Phishing filtering results ever seen by reselling or borrowing outside technology. The reason the MX-Defender is so successful is because it is not actually just one filter; not even close. Instead, we employ 46 separate layers of proprietary filtering that are not available anywhere else. And, as if that wasn't enough, those layers are applied after our SMTP and IP Firewalls. Granted, some competitors are slightly less expensive than the MX-Defender; but not by much, and not without a significant cost to performance.

Delivering business critical email.

Just as important as stopping spam is our ability to ensure delivery of your legitimate business emails. For this reason we have multiple layers of advanced filtering dedicated entirely to recognizing valid email messages, In addition, and just as important, our system adapts to end-user feedback in ways that no competitor can, eliminating false-positives without the need for special rules, white-lists or even having to open a support ticket.

Just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job. I deleted 268 bogus emails from your site -- not one good one in the batch. And I don't think that one bogus email got through your filters today.

Sounds like a "zero defects" day for OnlyMyEmail. Keep up the good work.

- Dick Donovan