Business Spam Filtering (MX-Defender)

Why a Hosted Solution?

There are a number of terms that describe services that are provided via the Internet: hosted solution, managed solution, software as a service and cloud based. These all have slightly different connotations depending on the context and who is using them.

For our purposes, a hosted solution means that all email bound for your domain is delivered to us and processed on our hardware with our software. Then only the email you want is delivered to your mail server.

Some advantages include:

  • Backup Mail Spooling

    A major advantage of using a hosted solution like ours is that we can receive and queue your email if your server is unavailable. This means that your clients never know your server was down because they don't receive bounce messages.

    Makes scheduled maintenance easier

    Because we queue your email if your server is unavailable, moving and/or maintaining your email server is simpler because you can take your server down any time (with or without notifying us) and your email will be held until your server is ready to receive it.

    Delivery failure alerts

    You can configure your account to have us notify you when we are unable to contact the mail server for any domain on your account.

  • Reduced Bandwidth Usage

    Our hosted solution will generally reduce the email traffic to your network by around 90%. If email is a significant portion of your current bandwidth usage this might allow you to move to a less expensive bandwidth plan.

  • Frees Limited Resources

    Having us handle your spam filtering frees up both employee time and, if you are running your own mail server, hardware.

    Your time

    We do all the work necessary to keep our systems up to date so you and/or your employees are free to work on more important projects (or take vacations).

    Your hardware

    Reducing the incoming load on your mail server not only saves bandwidth, it also saves CPU cycles — allowing you to run other processes on the hardware, postpone upgrades or both.

  • Protects Your Network

    Dictionary harvest attacks can flood your bandwidth and tie up the CPUs on your mail server while spammers try to learn what addresses are valid on your domain(s). Our servers are designed to completely defend against such attacks.

    We also prevent viruses from reaching your network. This does not mean you can retire your anti-virus solution but it does mean that it will have a lot less work to do.