Business Spam Filtering (MX-Defender)

Additional Features

In the process of responding to our client's filtering needs, we've developed a number of additional features that are provided without additional cost.

Backup email spooling

If your mail server goes down, or responds with a temporary failure, we'll spool your inbound email and automatically retry delivery for up to 7 days.

Mail Server Monitoring

Our system can send automated alerts to your IT staff and/or consultants whenever your server stops accepting mail.

Multiple Secondary Logins

You can provision additional logins for your MX-Defender account to provide various levels of restricted access to your account. This allows you to safely assign account or domain level management to staff, clients or even outside consultants and related support staff.

Mail Forwarding & Carbon Copies

After accepting and filtering your email, by default we'll deliver messages as addressed. However, you can also configure our system to relay/forward mail for any or all of your addresses. In addition, we offer a Auto-Carbon-Copy service that will continue to deliver mail as addressed, but can also automatically include a carbon copy to additional addresses. This is very useful for copying managers, supervisors or related department staff on all inbound emails to specific addresses.

Inbound Disaster Recovery

If your mail server fails and you lose emails that arrived between routine backups, OnlyMyEmail can reconstruct and redeliver up to the last 7 days of inbound messages. Most clients never need this service, but all clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that OnlyMyEmail can quickly bring back messages that might otherwise have been unrecoverable.

Email Hosting

While most of our clients have us deliver filtered mail to their existing mail server (or their host) we also offer robust, no frills Email Hosting for those that need high-reliability email service.

I've been doing I.T. for 30 years and have never received so much recognition for so little work. My users like it that much.

I can't remember the last time another IT product did what it said it would do this well.

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