Business Spam Filtering (MX-Defender)

Set It & Forget It

The MX-Defender responds to changes in spammer tactics and new spam campaigns with no intervention required on your part. This is not a system of tools that you have to manage with white-lists, black-lists, custom rules and spam settings ranging from low to high. Instead, this is the most advanced, self-adapting spam filter on the planet, and the results speak for themselves.

You simply set it, and then forget about it.

Automatically Adapts to user feedback.

Our system is incredibly effective from day one and you will immediately see your spam traffic reduced to almost nothing. But, in the first days, mistakes will be made. However, as your users interact with our system, reporting spam and releasing emails we've blocked, the MX-Defender automatically responds to this feedback, adapting to each user's feedback and tailoring results to their individual needs.

No other filtering system can match our accuracy, or the level of end-user customization that we provide.

And most importantly, all of this is achieved without any demands placed on your IT staff.

Spam is our problem, not yours.

In the rare instances where you feel the MX-Defender is not producing acceptable results or adapting to your user's feedback quickly enough, just open a Support ticket, provide a few basic details and we will research the problem and produce a solution to meet your expectations. With few exceptions, Support tickets are resolved within 12 hours.

At OnlyMyEmail, we don't just provided world-class filtering, but unparalleled customer service as well.

Excellent value. It does what it says it will do.

I'm running MX-Defender in 4 companies on approximately 150 PCs located in 20 locations across 4 states. I've been doing I.T. for 30 years and have never received so much recognition for so little work. My users like it that much.

My own email is an excellent example. On Monday morning I used to have about 500 emails waiting for me. After installing MX-Defender, I now have 20 or 30 real emails without the crap. All my users have the same story to tell.

I can't remember the last time another IT product did what it said it would do this well.

- jhous,
InfoWorld Member Review