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Award-Winning Accuracy

The most compelling reason for using our personal anti-spam service is the combination of award-winning anti-spam accuracy coupled with complete freedom from any form of advertisement, marketing or user tracking! We deliver the email you want and block the email you don't.


We've been fighting spam since 2003 and we've won the top awards in our field. We know all the old spammer tricks and we're constantly adapting to the new ones.

Industry Leading

We are the only solution to win both the PC World "World Class" and PC Magazine "Editors' Choice" Awards. And now, Virus Bulletin's VBSpam Competition results prove that we eliminate more unwanted email than any other solution.

I get about 300 emails per day. About 290 of those are spam. I don't know how they do it but I never see those 290 emails - ever - unless I want to login to their system and review the emails. Of the 9,000 emails I receive on an average every month, maybe 2 spam emails get through their system and get sent to me. It's amazing.

It worked so good for me at home that I signed up with their corporate account and now have it filtering 35 email boxes at my office. I don't think my co-workers know what spam is anymore.

- Kendall Wheeler
"No-Tech" Tech Blog