Personal Anti-Spam For Power Users

Easy Access Email

We support all the standard protocols for accessing email with practically any email software client or hardware device. POP/SMTP/IMAP over standard ports, alternate ports and with or without TLS and SSL we provide whatever you need.

Check your email from anywhere

We also provide a web based email client to allow you to access your email when you're away from your computer. So, as long as you have access to a computer that has a browser, you can check your email and reply to important messages.

Easy to use and browser friendly

Our webmail client is simple and easy to use. In other words it includes the basic functions you need to check and respond to email, but none of the extended features that make other webmail clients difficult to use and unfriendly to older browsers.

Today I deleted almost 2,000 emails that had built up in my "Deleted Email" folder over the past few days. Out of that group, I only found one that I had to "Resend" and have added to my "Always Allow" list.

Great job of filtering!!!

- Bob Mori