Personal Anti-Spam For Power Users

Protection From Viruses, Phishing and Fraud

The OnlyMyEmail personal anti-spam service doesn't just stop spam — it also blocks viruses and other dangerous email content.


Our filtering service does not eliminate the need for anti-virus software (email isn't the only way you can get viruses) but it does add a layer of protection by preventing virus emails from reaching your inbox.


Unless you know what to look for, figuring out whether the latest email from your bank is real or not can be difficult. We know what to look for and save you the trouble by blocking most phishing campaigns.


Fraud messages are usually so obviously fake that it's a wonder that anyone falls for them at all. That being said, wouldn't it be nice not to have to look at them?

Excellent, I'm very pleased. Much better than the McAfee program I WAS using...that thing took over my computer for an hour every morning when I turned it on. I've been using OnlyMyEmail for a few months now, and I haven't experienced any problems at all. I went from hundreds of junk emails every morning down to almost none as soon as I signed up. Amazing.