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Personal Anti-Spam For Power Users

Our personal service is not for everyone. It is intended for users with an understanding of how email works and the ability to configure advanced features of their email client software.

(If this doesn't describe you, please visit this FAQ page.)

The ideal user for our personal service . . .

  • has one or two email addresses for personal use,
  • uses an email client on one or more devices,
  • finds their accounts difficult to use due to spam,
  • averages less than 400 emails per day for each account.

Get rid of spam without giving up your address.

Switching to a new email address because spammers are abusing the old one is a common practice. But this approach has two major drawbacks:

  1. The transition to the new account can be a major headache.
  2. Eventually the new address will have the same problem.

But there is an alternative . . .

Your spam blocking service is incredible. My email account was virtually useless with all the spam I was getting. I've tried a bunch of so-called "solutions" and none of them came close to the effectiveness of your service - on the first day!!!

Now only the email I want gets through and the junk gets blocked. So far 100% success rate. What a relief!

- Janet Mullen