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We offer two separate Spam filtering solutions, all built on our award-winning filtering systems. While there are many common features among the plans, the differences are significant. (Introduction PDF )

The MX-Defender is a turn-key enterprise anti-spam solution that offers unparalleled protection at the domain level functioning as an MX-Gateway or Spam Firewall. Ease of implementation allows for use from SOHO applications all the way to the ISP level. (MX-Defender Configuration PDF )

The Personal anti-spam solution that is ideally suited for individual users with low to moderate amounts of email, and who send and receive email a dozen times per day or less.

OnlyMyEmail Spam Filtering Plan Comparison
  MX-Defender Personal
Filter Timing Before server delivery After your server accepts
Email Latency 16 - 22 Seconds 3 - 5 Minutes
Filter Depth 46 layers 31 layers
Disk Quota N/A* 500MB
Rate Limits None* 100/hour sent,
400/day received
Email Retention Either * Our servers
Web Mail With Hosting * Included
End-User Changes None Email client configuration
Daily Spam-Reports Yes Yes
On-Demand Spam-Reports Yes No
Statistical Reports Yes No
Server Delivery Alerts Yes No
Directory Harvest Full Protection Not covered
Dictionary Attacks Full Protection Not covered
Email Spooling Email is spooled until your servers accept No

* These answers depend on whether you prefer that we deliver filtered emails to your existing mail servers or whether you want OnlyMyEmail to both filter and host your email.