Value Added Resellers Program

Why Join Our VAR Program?

By reselling our spam filtering and optional email hosting, you can quickly and easily provide our services to your customers, by adding new domains to your master account. You will be in control the customer relationship and find a new profit source from your existing clients.

Your customers will love you.

With our award-winning accuracy, ease of implementation and smart filtering systems that automatically adapt to the needs of the customers, don't be surprised when your customers actually thank you for selling them our services.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your service.

Martin Reuben - TRG Studios

It's easy to install and maintain.

Using our hosted solution means:

  • no hardware maintenance, patch management or upgrading
  • no compatability issues with existing hardware/software
  • all account management can be done remotely
  • no user training

I can't remember the last time another IT product did what it said it would do this well.

jhous - InfoWorld Member Review

You own the customer relationship.

We stay in the background. You control your client subscriptions, billing and the all contact with the customer.

We'll even brand the end-user's daily SpamReports with your logo, contact information and hyper-link for free.

You guys are awesome! Our spam traffic has been so quiet since we began using your proxy some of us have actually had time to take vacations!

William E. Carew - CEO ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.

You make money.

Not only do we provide our VARs with substantial discounts, but we do not interfere with your pricing decisions. This allows you to charge your clients whatever amount you require in order to adequately compensate you for your value added management efforts.

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