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  • When it comes to blocking spam, OnlyMyEmail has outperformed its fellow participants in every VBSpam test it has taken part in (including this one).
    - Virus Bulletin Competition January 2014

  • Just wanted to say that I am several days into my 30-day evaluation of MX-Defender and, so far, your service seems to be doing an AWESOME job! Setup was straightforward, painless and without any real issues/questions to speak of. I have reduced volume in my inbox by about 90% (85% filtered and 5% blocked), which is saving me a lot of time and energy in weeding through e-mails to find the ones that I truly want to see.
    - Jim Coker

  • Of course, what ultimately matters here are the numbers, and these were rather good: with just seven spam emails missed, the product's spam catch rate was the highest in this test.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition December 2010

  • We were using a solution that was in house on a server that needed to be maintained. The support from the software company where we purchased the product was not very good and the filter itself had some legitimate flaws.

    We decided to give OnlyMyEmail a try and let me tell you, We could not be happier. Many of the end users have raved about the time they are saving. Your response time to inquiries is impeccable and your continual updates are wonderful.

    I just wanted to let you know that you have a great service and I am telling everyone about it. Feel free to use us as a reference. Thank you.

    - Jim Lovett
    Director, NE Operations/Information Technology
    Windham Group

  • reduced my spam by 95% the very first day!! I've been using it now for three weeks and I'm sold on its virtues and simplicity.

  • OnlyMyEmail's 99.999% catch rate on the spam corpus won't come as a surprise for regular VB readers: in this test, the only spam message the product missed was a spammy newsletter. What should impress readers is that the product had no problems with the Wombat feed either - which, judging by other products' performance, is significantly more difficult to filter - none of the 604 emails were missed by the hosted solution.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition - November 2012

  • Your spam blocking service is incredible. My email account was virtually useless with all the spam I was getting. I've tried a bunch of so-called "solutions" and none of them came close to the effectiveness of your service - on the first day!!!

    Now only the email I want gets through and the junk gets blocked. So far 100% success rate. What a relief!
    - Janet Mullen

  • With only four missed spam messages and no false positives in the last test, OnlyMyEmai's MX-Defender had left itself little room for improvement. But the hosted solution did manage to improve its performance - this time missing just two spam emails and again avoiding false positives altogether. With such a stunning result and a final score rounded to 100.00, MX-Defender sets the bar very high not just for itself, but for all products in all tests to come.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition July 2011

  • You guys are awesome! Our spam traffic has been so quiet since we began using your proxy some of us have actually had time to take vacations!
    - William E. Carew, CEO
    ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.

  • Excellent value. It does what it says it wll do.

    I'm running MX-Defender in 4 companies on approximately 150 PCs located in 20 locations across 4 states. I've been doing I.T. for 30 years and have never received so much recognition for so little work. My users like it that much.

    My own email is an excellent example. On Monday morning I used to have about 500 emails waiting for me. After installing MX-Defender, I now have 20 or 30 real emails without the crap. All my users have the same story to tell.

    I can't remember the last time another IT product did what it said it would do this well.
    - jhous, InfoWorld Member Review

  • OnlyMyEmail has a reputation to live up to in these tests, and it didn't disappoint this time. As on previous occasions, it missed strikingly few spam messages - it failed to block just nine out of more than 240,000 messages.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition - May 2012

  • Excellent, I'm very pleased. Much better than the McAfee program I WAS using...that thing took over my computer for an hour every morning when I turned it on. I've been using OnlyMyEmail for a few months now, and I haven't experienced any problems at all. I went from hundreds of junk emails every morning down to almost none as soon as I signed up. Amazing.

  • Another option, and the one I prefer, are email filters that work on your email BEFORE you actually receive it. The one I have been using is and is OUTSTANDING for filtering spam email.

    I get about 300 emails per day. About 290 of those are spam. I don't know how they do it but I never see those 290 emails - ever - unless I want to login to their system and review the emails. Of the 9,000 emails I receive on an average every month, maybe 2 spam emails get through their system and get sent to me. It's amazing.

    It worked so good for me at home that I signed up with their corporate account and now have it filtering 35 email boxes at my office. I don't think my co-workers know what spam is anymore.
    - Kendall Wheeler, "No-Tech" Tech Blog

  • In the previous test, OnlyMyEmais's hosted solution missed just two out of more than 291,000 spam messages - an incredible performance, especially since it did not miss a single legitimate email. If possible, the product's spam catch rate was even better in this test with just one of more than 171,000 spam messages missed.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition September 2011

  • Today I deleted almost 2,000 emails that had built up in my "Deleted Email" folder over the past few days. Out of that group, I only found one that I had to "Resend" and have added to my "Always Allow" list.

    Great job of filtering!!!
    - Bob Mori

  • I'd just like to add to your growing list of positive comments about the OnlyMyEmail service. After trying in vain to get Norton anti-spam and the Microsoft products to effectively filter my spam, I decided to bite the bullet and try your service out.

    I immediately went from about 30 unintercepted spams a day down to NONE. Plus it was very easy to set up and the interface to review intercepted messages is intuitive to use and allows you to add or delete senders particularly easily.

    Congratulations on providing real value in an already crowded industry sector.
    - Alan Williams, Australia

  • This month's test sets included more than 60,000 spam emails, more than 9,000 legitimate emails and a number of newsletters as well. That is more than the average person receives in a full year. Keep this in mind when you consider the fact that OnlyMyEmail's hosted anti-spam solution did not classify any of these emails incorrectly. Not a single one. To say that the product's VBSpam+ award is well deserved is quite an understatement.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition - January 2013

  • I have set up OnlyMyEmail on three different computers during the last two weeks and I am very satisfied with the initial results. OnlyMyEMail is batting 100%, with no false positives yet discovered. Congratulations on the great work!
    - Frank Fanning

  • After 12 tests, it is hard to find appropriate adjectives to describe OnlyMyEmail's catch rate, but as the product missed only a single spam message in a corpus of well over 34,000 emails, 'impressive' is an understatement.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition - September 2012

  • I am completely amazed, your program is saving me from one to two hours a day, and it is "very" accurate when screening the spam and phishing emails I get every day.

    It takes just a few minutes to check, and purging all the files is just a click of the button. The only way you could do this better is if you could throw these emails back in their face!
    - Marilyn,

  • Any participants who believe that this month's corpora contained very difficult emails should take a leaf out of OnlyMyEmail's book. The product's spam catch rate of 99.996% (four missed spam messages) may not be surprising given previous results, but it is impressive nevertheless - as is, of course, the fact that no legitimate emails were missed.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition November 2011

  • OnlyMyEmail's filtering is widely considered the best in the business.

    Using the service is like turning the clock back ten years, to a time when the word "spam" referred primarily to a processed meat product and not to junk e-mail. If you've started to avoid e-mail because of the amount of junk you receive, the price of OnlyMyEmail is well worth the peace of mind that you'll gain.
    - Dwight Brown, Online Review

  • I signed up for OnlyMyEmail about four months ago and I LOVE it. It costs somewhere around $4 a month and captures the hundreds of spam emails I was getting every day.

    In the beginning I checked it every few days to see if any good emails were being captured, but only found one email in an entire month that I would have wanted to see -- a broadcast newsletter from a Lender.
    - Lauren Whittaker

  • No problems at all - I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your service.

    Today I had over 200 spam messages caught by OnlyMyEmail and not one of them was a a false positive. And not one single piece of spam mail was forwarded to my account. Thanks!
    - Martin Reuben
    TRG Studios

  • In this test, OnlyMyEmail missed fewer than one in 36,000 spam messages. After several exceptional performances like this, we've almost stopped being surprised and thus it is good to note that many users do not even receive this much spam in a full year!
    - Virus Bulletin Competition January 2012

  • I have truly had a tremendous amount of success with your site, what a relief it is to be able to open my e-mail in the morning and not have 50-60 e-mails and porno stuff there.

    In July I was on vacation and had 407 e-mails in 5 days, last week I was away again and only had 35 when I returned.
    - Cathy Moseley

  • I was an early adopter of the Internet and as such was ultimately driven to the point of total despair when it came to dealing with spam. I dreaded, without exception, every check of my email for nearly a decade. Using a relatively poor set of filters I blocked all email from,, and every other third party email service provider. I blocked one domain after another with no relief. I blocked words and phrases and was still barraged.

    Then I found and since subscribing nearly three months ago have been spammed only once with not one false positive. I cannot find words to express my appreciation for your service. Double your price. Triple it and I will still be along for the ride. The value you offer at the price you ask must be the best deal in the known universe.
    - Ken Lydell

  • Just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job. I deleted 268 bogus emails from your site -- not one good one in the batch. And I don't think that one bogus email got through your filters today.

    Sounds like a "zero defects" day for OnlyMyEmail. Keep up the good work.
    - Dick Donovan

  • I recently signed up to use your web service. I am so pleased with it that I have to let you know. Spam and junk mail was killing me and I became so frustrated with even opening my email. But thanks to your service I now hardly receive a junk mail. And what's more, your cost is more than reasonable.
    - Levi Anthony

  • OnlyMyEmail downloads all received mails and processes them against a set of rules. The details of those rules or how they were developed and are updated is not given, but suffice it to say it unerringly identified every piece of Spam sent me over those 14 days.

    Just as important, it didn't falsely classify a single genuine E-Mail as Spam.
    - Richard, TheUnwired Review

  • In fact, not only did the product achieve the highest spam catch rate for the fourth time in a row, it also achieved the highest final score in the test for the second time and, rounded to 100, the highest final score and spam catch rate since our tests began two years ago.
    - Virus Bulletin Competition May 2011

  • It was bad enough that I received hundreds of garbage email messages every day, but when my assistant started receiving graphic pornography messages, I knew I needed help.

    My computer guru tried out a few solutions with limited success, before switching us to OnlyMyEmail.

    What an amazing service! The day we switched to OnlyMyEmail, my email problems went away. The SPAM stopped, as did the disgusting pornography. My inbox looks like it did 7 years ago...just a handful of messages each day.
    - Kim Anderson

While we could post literally thousands of other glowing comments, the point is simply that the OnlyMyEmail service performs as promised.

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