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OnlyMyEmail Dominates Virus Bulletin Spam Challenge

Results from 33 consecutive Virus Bulletin VBSpam Challenges demonstrate that OnlyMyEmail's MX-Defender is decisively superior to any other spam filter available today. OnlyMyEmail has stopped more spam than 39 competing hardware appliances, server applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, and has done so in every single VBSpam evaluation held since we entered the competition in 2010.

Record Spam Capture Rate of 99.9994%

OnlyMyEmail's hosted business spam filtering solution also holds the all-time record spam capture rate since the inception of the VBSpam Challenge. During a 16-day live competition, the MX-Defender missed just one single spam message out of 171,963 total for the best capture rate ever scored at 99.9994%. By comparison, the next best competitor missed 41 spam messages, and third place allowed 97 of these junk emails through their filters.

Highest Score in VBSpam History

Since setting the all-time record several years ago, we've actually scored multiple perfect scores as well - meaning not a single spam slipped though our filters and without creating false positives either. In the largest test to date 216,053 spam emails were run though all the competitor's filtering with OnlyMyEmail alone stopping 100% of these junk emails. We don't emphasize the 100% results since no competing filter has yet managed to beat our previous 99.9994% record and it is more reflective of our daily performance.

As if our consistent high scores were not impressive enough, also know that our worst capture rate in any VBSpam trial ever was 99.9933%. Now consider that this "lowest" capture rate is actually higher than the best score ever recorded by any other filtering system. You read that correctly, our worst capture rate still beats everyone else.

The Competition

OnlyMyEmail has an unbroken track record, blocking more spam than every other competing system, including:

 Anubis Axway MailGate BitDefender
 CronLab AntiSpam Egedian Eleven eXpurgate
 GFI Mail Essentials Halon Mail Security IBM Lotus Protector
 Kaspersky Libra Esva Mailshell
 McAfee Email Gateway McAfee EWS McAfee SaaS
 MessageStream Messaging Architects modusGate
 Netmail Secure NoSpamProxy Pro-Mail
 Scrollout Sophos SPAMfighter
 Spamhaus Spamhaus ZEN+DBL SpamTitan
 Spider Antispam Symantec Brightmail Symantec Gateway
 SURBL The Email Laundry Vade Retro
 Vamsoft ORF Webroot ZEROSPAM

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