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UPDATE: Early on July 3rd, a cascade of events not experienced or imagined in our 16 years of operation began with a commercial power outage. While our NOC ran uneventfully on backup generators for over 24 hours, both eventually failed. Following this, both of the battery backup supplies were eventually depleted as well. Thus, despite redundant feeds and power supplies to our equipment, our network shutdown and did not come back up gracefully.

While we were able to restore most systems in a matter of a few hours, all critical components of our service (filtering, email, phones, support, chat, etc.) rely on our redundant database clusters. Even updates to our web site were not available as most of the site was driven or restricted by database access. These were the only systems that we were unable to restore, as power outages led to data corruption, hardware and network component damage which led to further data corruption.

We have now restored most of the data necessary to function in the delivery of emails, but some systems (such as support ticketing and voip phones) are still corrupt to the point of failure. We will continue to work on restoring all systems and will post updates as we move forward.

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